Warren Sapp NFL Celebrity got Served !

Process server express is the most highly recognized process serving company in California. We handle the most complex case in the legal process system in the entire states of California. We achieved more than 98% of success rate in serving the most complex case, like serving world known celebrities, politicians, businessmen,  criminals, and many evasive cases that are hard to serve. Process server express is currently working with high profile attorneys, government agencies, individuals and companies to help locate hidden defendants that are trying to avoid being served through the service of the process system.

Process server express hired a team of professional private investigators with highly skills knowledge and a strategic mindset to get any tough case close.

Here is one of our current high profile case,  the talk of the town, former NFL Superstar for the Raiders number # 99 Warren Sapp had been served. The attorney for the plaintiff had been working with several process servers for more than a year, and with more than 50 attempts from the best process server in the country, many unsuccessful attempts were made. Mr. Sapp had bragged about the fact that no process server can serve him because he is so clever and always ahead of the game. He had been hiding and avoiding serve in anyway possibles for more than a year which is pretty impressive but not by process server express standard who handles the job professionally and most importantly faster than any other companies in California.

Here is a quick debrief of the case. The Law Office of John M. Phillips had contacted Process Server Express to go on a mission and serve Mr. Warren Sapp at the Raiders Fest. Process Server Express had assign three process server that is the best in the industry to go on the mission. The plan had been in layout with more than two hours of discussion on the day of the mission and 2 weeks of preparation. The building floor plan had been evaluated to see where all the exit door and entry is, how many security guards they have working, what car he drives and which entry he would enter the building and leave the building.

The Raiders fest had the highest security that prevents any suspicious person to be close to any celebrities. Security Guard and Body Guard had to pad down every person that gets close to the celebrity, and not allow any camera or phone to be inside the picture booth. There are three hidden cameras attached to three process server that the security guard cannot find. Process server express staff need to cover every corner of the building just in case the mission fails, and the tricky part is that if Mr. Sapp knows any leak that he is being served, he will leave the location right away. Everything must be carefully planned to go smoothly and our server backup plan is to serve him outside while he runs away through the back door of the building.  Every step is being planned out like a James Bond movie. A women process server is being used on the job to help take the picture and distract the security guard from being notified of unusual activity.

Of course the mission is successful like always and now case closed. As we interview the server of how they feel doing this task; they said “its a hard case because Mr. Sapp is already prepared and had his guard up against previous attempts the whole entire time” from other process server companies that tried to serve him. This is not the first time that other process servers try to serve him at other events, but their outcome was unsuccessful. Process server express team makes the serve unnoticeable to Mr. Sapp as a surprise which makes the whole process from start to finish complete smoothly.

Process Server Express team was glad that the case is closed and there is another important mission just like this the next day which we will save later for future articles.

As you can see serving a celebrity is not an easy job. It required careful planning and high common sense to get the job done. Hiring anyone for the job will only increase the risk factors. With process server express any case small or hard will be handle in a professional, fast and most importantly affordable to all clients. Got a celebrity to serve? Give us a try today !

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