How To Serve Restraining Order The Right Way

Serving restraining order is more difficult than other kinds of serve. Because a person that is being served will be restrained from people asking for protection for several years. If a person that was being restrained gets close to the people asking for protection or tried to contact in any way, that person being restrained can be jailed or taken away of bail bond. It’s a very difficult situation that people are being restrained will try every way they can to avoid a legal serve document.  Due to process serving rules and California rules of civil procedure stated that the process server can not substitute serve on a restraining order case.  This mean process server will need to personal serve to a party that going to be restrained and cannot give the paper to anyone else.


Restraining order cases can be risky to a process server to serve a person that is being restrained. Process server might charge you more for this kind of case because it cannot be substitute serve. Also, most likely a person that is being served will avoid the serve. On this kind of case, process server will take more time to serve and need to go back many times to find a person that is being served.


Most of the time on restraining order case you will need a stake-out service to be able to catch a party that is being serve off guard. You will need the most experienced process server that are specialize in this kind of job. Most process servers will have fewer skills and knowledge about monitoring, investigating, discovering and stake out to get the job done. There is very limited process server company that is highly recognized in this kind of job. One of the process server company that I highly recommended is “Process Server Express” or  They had been in business for more than 10 years and most high-profile attorneys use them on the most difficult job. They serve from ordinary people to celebrity and high-profile people. They have the most reasonable price for the job, and they can get the job done quickly.


Do not risk your case on a cheap and inexperienced company that will put your case in a difficult situation, that you will have to pay more to hire an experienced process server after the court rejected your service. You will lose time and it will be more difficult to serve to the same party again the next time since they are now aware that you are trying to serve them again. You will spend more money the second time because most process servers did not want to do a difficult job with less money. They know that a party that is being served will be on his guard and it will not be easy for the next process server to do their job.

Get the best process server the first time. You might pay a little bit more but it’s worth it.


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