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How to deal with refusal

Be prepare when you face with refusal

How to deal with refusal

Since economy in the United States is in a downturn and no sign of recoevery as of yet. People are out of job and its hard to find new jobs. There is thousand’s of lawsuit being filed on the daily basis, but not enough process server to service everyone. Court needs process server to help make the case to be more solid than other delivery process. Process server job can be difficult and risky, but it pay well. It take time and patient to serve to each defendant. Process server need to act as a third party and do not get involve or consultant regarding the case. Process server need to serve defendant from civil to criminal case, which sometime can be very dangereous. Process server always need to be ahead of the games. Process server need to learn how to read people mind by body language or how they reacted. Process server always be prepare to protect themselve from any dangereous activity that may occur while serving the paper. Process server always have to remember that you are serving a document that most people don’t want and they tend to think that if they accept the paper it will causes damage to their case. About 90% of serving the defendant mostly denied or refuse to tell the truth about themself, So process server need to be very smart in dealing with this problem.

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