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Process Server

Process Server Express had been serving Los Angeles County for over 10 years. We are in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and only a minute away from the Downtown Court House. Call now for a free quote. Our Clientele includes: individuals, law firms, small businesses, government agencies and large corporations. Our trained process server staff is have first hand knowledge in Law and guideline regulation, which will help your document reach the respondent legally and abind by the law. We track our process server with GPS technology that prevent fault serving or inaccuracy. Our server able to communicate with our dispatcher via our mobile application that will expedite the serving  

 We know process server duty is very important to your case and we take high priority to make sure that your document is serve by the court guideline. We communicate with client on a daily basis to make sure that our client get the best benefit from using our services. Sometime process serving procedure can be very complicated, but all of our staff take our business seriously by providing Serve Guarantee for all transaction. We know what it take to be the best in the industry and we strive to keep it that way for the last 10 years. Let us help you and get your document serve the right way.


How can we become # 1
  • Value our customer as ” King”
  • Well trained process server staff to make sure that they performed their duty professionally
  • Help look over all the document to make sure that every paper is attached
  • Built the latest GPS technolgy and tracking System to make sure that every document is deliver on time and accurate
  • Serve according to Process server court regulation
  • In-house Document Assistant preparer to help with written up proof of services
  • Serve fast with reasonable price