Divorce Preparer & Filing Services

Divorce Preparer & Filing Services
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Divorce Preparer & Filing Services

You may have recently received divorce papers or you may be considering whether it is time to file for divorce. Few are those who are able to think clearly on all aspects of family law which need to be addressed in a divorce. Once the decision has been made, however, you want to ensure that your rights and interests are protected for Divorce Preparer & Filing Services.

Legal document Preparer services designed for the person who does not have children or have children AND does not have property or have property. Often these Divorces do not require a court appearance if the parties are cooperative.  In effect, this is usually an Uncontested or Amicable Divorce. You don’t need a high cost attorney to represent you if both of you and your spouse agree on the asset and child living condition.  

 We can help you file a paper work that will save you money to more than 70% from the cost of hiring an attorney. If both party agree to end the divorce without going to court then why pay more. We can help you get through your tough time and in the sametime save money to prepare for you being alone.

  • We file in the appropriate court
  • We serve your spouse by mail (or help with alternative service)
  • We process your paperwork in court in a timely manner
  • We will followup on your case and filing necessary document throughout the entire process;
  • Additional consultations at no extra fee
  • Note: In most cases, your spouse does not need to respond, as there are no issues. This Divorce would be a ‘default divorce’ and most courts do not require a court appearance. In this case we will file the default paperwork with the court & the Divorce will be finalized.